Boxshop is a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging in Scotland and has the latest technology and production facilities to deliver the highest quality print.

It’s new BOBST Expertflex 6 colour flexographic HQPP (High quality Post Print) machine is one of the latest in the corrugated market place and offers unrivalled print quality for customers.

This latest addition to the machinery portfolio at Boxshop perfectly complements its other print machinery brining a range of options for customers to benefit from.



A fully equipped design studio with new CAD facilities, allows customers to benefit from constructional design, integrating customer branding and artwork into eye-catching, high-performance packaging.

From pallet boxes and large-scale transit packaging that supports the supply chain, and creative retail solutions to ecommerce gift packaging for the food and drink sector, the capabilities of its design team are varied, engaging, and award winning.

A full sampling service allows customers to enjoy the experience of creating new corrugated packaging solutions with the team.



The East Kilbride packaging production facility is one of the best equipped manufacturing sites for corrugated packaging in Scotland offering a range of solutions from high volume FEFCO boxes to smaller volume bespoke packaging.

A full range of packaging machinery including die cutters, case makers, multi point gluers and stitchers, supports customers to design, develop and manufacture packaging that supports their brand, enhances their customer experience, and protects product through the supply chain.

Boxshop delivers across Scotland and support all sectors of the Scottish economy to benefit from sustainable packaging, expertly manufactured by a team of professionals.